It's been a long wait, but RC1 is finally available for download.  If no major problems are found, this will be blessed as 1.4.0.

The major difference between RC1 and the betas is in packaging.  You no longer need two downloads (core and utils) to make beet useful; all components are packaged together.  Check out our Downloads page or visit the SourceForge downloads area to grab yourself a copy.  I'll be watching the forums closely for any issues, so don't be shy with reports.

There are a few minor bugfixes and enhancements since the last beta:


  • beet-core 2810502: record times with nanosecond accuracy
  • beet-core 2794524: bt:manager/enabled attribute, so that tracking can be toggled in an external properies file
  • beet-core 2794532: beet-web.jar added to distribution, for easier EAR deployments
  • beet-core 2794532: maven repository has sources and javadocs


  • beet-core 2832049: deploy latest XSD to project site, fix schema URI inconsistencies
  • beet-core 2824858: fix runtime compatibility with spring-test
  • beet-core 2790194: batch event ID lookup, to improve JDBC persister performance
  • beet-core 2806458: fix runtime compatibility with spring-security 2.0