Update 05 Jul 2009

All of the originally identified issues for RC1 have been resolved on trunk, though after some discussion one additional issue has been promoted for RC1:

  • issue 2810502:  switch measurement from milliseconds to nanosecond

This will push the RC build at least out into this week.

It's been a long spell without any news (with apologies to pragnesh, who's contributed a great wealth of ideas on our dev forum), but things have been busy over here.  I've joined the EasyAnt project team, with the intent of ultimately replacing our semi-functional Ant/Ivy system with a more robust build.  This is a ways into the future, probably in the 2.0 timeframe for beet.  This week focus has returned to the near-term 1.4.0 release.

We've fixed a couple of issues identified in the last beta, with the following mostly administrative issues needing to be resolved for the release:

  • issue 2794532:  better support for EAR deployments
  • issue 2794528:  source/javadoc artifacts in maven repository
  • issue 2794524:  global "enabled" parameter for easier administrative control of deployments
  • issue 2809943:  fix build ivyrep to use maven naming conventions
Once all of these issues are resolved, we'll make a release candidate build.  If we can survive two weeks in RC status without any critical compatibility or regressions discovered, we'll finally promote the build to release status.