You don't need root access to download beet.  Release packages can be obtained from SourceForge on the project downloads page.

Beet comes in Java 5 and Java 6 flavors; you only need the version appropriate to your production environment.  The only difference between these packages is in the included dependencies; the core library is exactly the same.  See the dependency matrix in the User Guide for details on how the various dependency libraries are used.  SDK versions prior to 5 are not supported.

Upgrading from 1.4 Betas

If you have used one of the betas, you'll note that beet-core and beet-utils, previously distributed as separate packages, are now packaged together.  Hopefully this should make navigating the downloads page much more intuitive.  Also note that the jar containing the main beet API has changed names.  Previously it was "beet.jar", now it is "beet-core.jar".

Finally, the URL of our temporary Maven repository has changed (read the next section for details).  This is because we are now using a single repository structure to serve Ivy and Maven clients (previously the repositories were separate).

Maven Support

We plan to contribute the final 1.4.0 release to the Maven central repository.  Prior to that, we've set up a temporary Maven repository with POM and Jar files for beet.  Please note:  these builds will no longer be available if/when the final release is accepted into the central repository.

The module descriptor supports both Java 5 and Java 6.  For Java 5, include both optional and runtime scopes in your dependency configuration.  For Java 6, only include runtime scope.

Repository Configuration:

        <name>Beet Maven2 Repository</name>

Dependency Configuration:



Whatever your preferred method of access, please also remember to check the MD5 hash for your download:

beet-java5-1.4.0_rc1.tar.bz2 1ac7a80c19ac2eb66bd2a1043460643c
beet-java5-1.4.0_rc1.tar.gz 29650c6bf985152b05a13f5ffa7b6972 ffd6cc5ec7b4245728654669c8c5941e
beet-java6-1.4.0_rc1.tar.bz2 75969c622d4fbfd2cfea410e6af1e5c5
beet-java6-1.4.0_rc1.tar.gz 0c3b3dc7e4b9eb098d23ed04e434cc6d 22dd180b8d73c8330c8bf167d56206f0