Beet records user behavior and performance data for your Spring-based Java application.  It can thus help you to analyze usage patterns and research production performance issues.  Beet requires Spring Framework 2.0 or 2.5.

Visit the Downloads page to grab a copy, take the tutorial, and/or read the Quick Start chapter of the User Guide to enable it in your application.

Beet is freely available to use under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v1.1.  It was originally developed and contributed to the open source community by Mantis Technology Group, Inc.


  • Record Java method calls, SQL statements, and HTTP requests, or add your own events
  • Simple configuration, zero code modification required
  • Know immediately which user and session caused each event and when
  • JMX performance tracking and administration
  • Record data as XML, compressed binary XML, directly to an RDBMS, or write your own storage
  • Flexible ETL and log manipulation tools for compressed binary XML
  • Low resource overhead, appropriate for production systems