Beet 1.x User's Guide

Jason Trump

Table of Contents

1. Quick Start
Simplified Installation
EAR Deployments
Log Analysis
Upload to an Oracle Database
Export to XML
Export to CSV
Export with custom XSL
2. Justification
Existing Tools and Methods
System Resource Monitoring
JMX Monitoring
Access Logging
Logging Toolkits
Profilers, Performance Logging
Where beet Fits
Why Spring?
Commercial and Open-Source Alternatives
3. Configuration Reference
Configuration Examples
The Behavior Tracking Servlet Filter
XML Schema Documentation for
Attribute bt:tracking-manager
4. JMX Integration
Beet Administrative MBeans
Beet Statistical MBeans
5. Programmer Reference
Third-party Dependencies

List of Examples

1.1. Adding method and http tracking to applicationContext.xml
1.2. Adding SQL tracking to applicationContext.xml
1.3. Sample XML Data
3.1. Store performance logs in the Tomcat logs directory
3.2. Monitor application performance from a JMX console
3.3. Use a custom SessionContext implementation to specify user IDs
3.4. Send tracking data for different packages to different log files
3.5. Integrate beet with other AOP advice
3.6. Register Beet JMX MBeans
3.7. Defining BehaviorTrackingFilter in web.xml
4.1. Activating Beet Administration MBeans
4.2. Activating Beet Statistical MBeans